It’s official. My new driver’s license photo is worse than my passport mug shot.

The last pic taken of me by the DMV was in 2008. A lot has happened since then. Namely, menopause and old age.

In my previous posts, I explain how menopause wreaks havoc on the flesh. (See “Menopause Wrinkles & Wattles” and “Forget About Your Passport Photo. Have You Seen Yourself on Zoom Lately?”)

I am adding another suggestion to the ones already listed in those posts: do not have a photo taken under fluorescent lighting, like that at the DMV. It’s bad for your emotional and mental health.

Published by Another Sufferer

I am a woman over 65 who has experienced the many changes that happen to a woman's body and mind as they get older. I started this blog in order to share information and experiences.

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