~ Wendy Harrison ~ Author of the Atrophied Vagina Blog

I worked in the corporate world for two decades but became very dissatisfied with the corporate culture. Since that time, I have been helping seniors and their families for over 20 years cope with a myriad of issues facing the elderly. I first started a personalized transportation service catering to seniors, which evolved into providing assistance in all aspects of senior living. My work was instrumental in resolving issues of elder financial abuse, fraud, caregiver malfeasance and insurance reimbursement.

I codified the totality of my experiences in “The Tarnished Golden Years: A Guide to Parenting Your Elderly Parent.” The book is a concise, no-nonsense primer that details common aging problems and offers guidance, solutions and resources for seniors and their adult children. I am the recipient of the “Volunteer of the Year” award from Family and Community Services of Contra Costa County for my work with the elderly.

******** TESTIMONIALS ********

The blog “touched on a subject we don’t often talk about and I appreciated knowing that it’s not just me and that this happens to many of us after menopause.” from Irma B.

“Even interesting for men !” from Bruce H.

“At last, a blog for those of us who are tending to both our bodies and our minds – in unequal proportions. I am acutely aware of the aging process as it brings me to reality every time I take a step (I need knee replacements). Thank you for a blog in which we can be honest and be ourselves.” from Nancy S.

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