I had my first session of CoolSculpting and found it to be a thoroughly pleasant experience.  Of course, most any procedure would be, compared to the spine and knee surgeries I have had, plus injections in my feet for various maladies!

The procedure was done in my dermatologist’s office and performed by a very pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable technician.  Though I had talked with her on the phone prior to setting up the appointment, she again patiently explained the steps in the process

A gooey wrap was applied to the areas that were to undergo the CoolSculpting.  On top of the wrap, a wide wand (sort of like a hand-held shower head) was positioned over the substance.  I reclined in a very comfortable chair (think dentist office but better).  Due to my spine issues, the technician provided pillows to alleviate back pain.  Then, a blanket was draped over me to keep me warm.  There was a flat screen TV on the wall and a remote if I wanted to be entertained, but I chose to use my phone for catching up on news, emails and book reading.

I had two sections done on my lower abdomen, and each section was done separately; 35 minutes each.  The technician would check on me regularly to ask if I needed anything (like water) and to ensure I was comfortable.  I felt a light suction as the process continued but it was not bothersome. After each section was completed, the technician would gently massage the area to stimulate the skin and blood flow (my skin was a little red but that disappeared shortly after).

The price tag on this  elective procedure is not covered by insurance. Duh! The cost will depend on how many areas of your body you want to have done and the number of sessions.  I received a 15% discount on the total amount of the cost by joining a “platinum membership” that is good for one year on all procedures and on products, such as skin care lotions.  With the amount I paid for the membership and the 15% discount applied to the CoolSculpting procedure, I  saved $450.00.

By the way, the procedure was done on my husband’s birthday, so I considered it a gift to him!

I will be returning for my second and last session in a month and will update you on my progress!

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I am a woman over 65 who has experienced the many changes that happen to a woman's body and mind as they get older. I started this blog in order to share information and experiences.

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